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Leah Lakins is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Fresh Eyes Editorial Services.  


When she is not tethered to her laptop or running through Subway tunnels to meet with her clients, you can find her checking out the latest Broadway plays, stalking her favorite band, The  Roots, walking across her favorite New York bridges, and continuing her undying worship for all things Stevie Wonder...


Fresh Eyes Editorial Services specializes in creating outstanding memoirs, self-help, and inspirational books and other non-fiction publications. Take a look at some of our latest publications. 

I know—I’m diving right into your cookie jar on my homepage. But you didn’t come here just to find another editor or to publish a book. You came here to tell your story. Some of you have waited a lifetime to tell your journey, and some of you have spent years trying to figure out how to share your unique message with the world. You don’t have to wait another minute to bring your words, your story, and your book to life.

Grab your favorite drink and get comfy on my e-sofa. Let’s work together to OWN YOUR STORY and WRITE YOUR TRUTH.