Lesson One: Unlocking Your Magic

Guess What? You’re a Writer

Getting Your Creative Permission Slip

Playing at the Word Bar

You Get a Writing Buddy!

Lesson Two: Word Play

Discovering Your Key Words and Phrases

Exploring Word Play

Exploring Sentence Play

Creating Your Own Writing Prompts

What Answers Do You Want to Solve in Your Writing?

Lesson Three: Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Exploring Time, Place, and Setting

What Time Is It?

Where Are We Going?

Back to the Future

Lesson Four: Choose Your Own Adventure

Developing Your Story, Plot Points, and Resolution

Creating Your Story Roadmap

We’re In Crisis Mode

We Need a Resolution

Lesson Five: Is This The End?

Story Resolution and Endings

What’s the Point?

Is This Where You Dropped Me Off?

Bows Down, Ribbons Off

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