Leah Lakins On…Money & Creativity

In January of this year, Leah Lakins fulfilled her 14-year dream of living in New York as an editor and writer when she launched her own business, Fresh Eyes Editorial Services. Just nine months into business, she’s accruing some pretty major credits, including working on the expanded edition of “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” (Amistad, 2014) and “Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success” (Amistad, 2014). The Baltimore native turned Brooklyn dweller admits her early success sometimes has her doing a double take. But, she rightly reminds herself of the years spent in the editorial business that prepared her for this moment to shine on her own.

Knowing Leah personally, I was thrilled to see her take the leap into creative entrepreneurship, and I wondered how her relationship with money was impacting her first year as a freelancer. In an email Q&A, I asked Leah to share her thoughts on money and creativity. Click here to read more about what she had to say.  

Curvy CEO Interviews Leah Lakins of Fresh Eyes Editorial Services

Today, I am thrilled to present this interview with one of my sisterfriends, Leah Lakins. Recently, she took me and a host of others by surprise by sneaking off to Brooklyn to follow her dream of taking her company, Fresh Eyes Editorial Services, full time! When I learned about this bold move, I knew that I *had* to feature her in my Real-Life Curvy CEO Series.

Fresh Eyes on BlogTalkRadio: How Editors Impact Book Marketing and Sales

Kali Mincy from Coach for Writers interviews editor Leah Lakins to offer writers insight about:

1. The benefits of having a good editor and the risks involved with not having one. 

2. What all authors should expect from a good editor.

3. How to work effectively with editors and get the most out of your relationships with them. 

4. Pitfalls to avoid during the writing, publishing, and book marketing processes. 

5. five things every author should do and have to ensure they have a high-quality book that sells.

Listen here